Centers of Excellence

At the heart of our value proposition is to offer a full palette of solutions through a system of credible formal and informal alliances. The alliance based approach obviates the need to build internal capabilities (Re-inventing the Wheel) while recognizing and tapping on existing Centers of Excellence (COE) and their capabilities.


Harpswell helps companies gain access to senior executives at Fortune 1000 companies. Do you have a strong value proposition? Are you missing key sales or strategic opportunities because you’re unable to get your foot in the door? If the answer is yes, then we can help. We’ll introduce you and help you close. Harpswell will get you to the right people. We open doors, or we find the reason for any roadblocks. Our mission is to help organizations grow through our distinctive Harpswell network. If our service fits your needs, contact us today. Ed Samp, President – MBA 1979, HBS


Indiogene is an international boutique Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) firm focused on Italian small and medium enterprises (SME’s) in select but growing business fields. Headquartered at Torino, (North West) Italy, the firm has operating bases in the most important business areas of Italy such as: North West (Torino): head office and South Central Italy (Naples). Indiogene operates on a pan European scale through correspondents in France, Germany, Great Britain and Spain. Beyond Europe, Indiogene has carefully nurtured a network of strategic alliances in USA, Algeria and India that make them a truly international organization. Indiogene acts generally as an independent intermediary, for which it has been granted authorization by UIC (Italian Exchange Authority). Indiogene’s differentiation lies in its [1] Calibre, credentials and experience of the team [2]. Ability to uncover rigorous research and analysis based M&A opportunities not normally on the market to industrial investors. [3] A sound M&A facilitation expertise backed by decades of collective experience [4] A commitment to the values of transparency, openness and straightforwardness.


Hailing from Danish Parentage, Valcon India is an exclusive Consulting and Turnkey Project Management firm with proven expertise to deliver value across Industry sectors. We offer a full range of business focused services that cover Strategy, Markets, Supply Chain and Operations. Please do see the case studies listed in our site to get a better understanding of our hands on and results driven approach to client engagement. Our strengths lie in our functional expertise, experience and the ability to seamlessly integrate strategy and execution to bring measurable business transformations. Our International Lineage enables us to draw on the strengths of a global talent pool to further the interests of our clients. Besides being a consulting organisation our parent company in Denmark also owns and manages 2 divisions namely Valcon Design and Valcon Marine that provide cutting edge engineering innovation solutions. We are the exclusive consulting partner for Dharmic Solutions.

Investment Banking, BROKERAGE & Financial Services: Paterson Securities Pvt. Ltd. : (

Paterson Securities (P) Limited is one of India’s oldest stock broking firms (started in 1892) and the first stock broking firm in South India. Our pioneering spirit has only strengthened with the times and we continue to look forward with a focus on innovation and excellent customer service to fuel our growth. In 2009, we entered into another exciting chapter of our legacy by becoming a subsidiary of Hinduja Bank (Switzerland) Limited, thus combining our Indian roots with Swiss tradition. Our aim is to provide world class investment banking, brokerage and other financial services and generate superior returns for all stakeholders. Over the years we have built a diversified customer profile consisting of leading financial institutions, large corporate groups, high net worth individuals, NRIs and a large retail clientele.


AGacquisitions is an investment company and hedge fund, dedicated to producing sustainable returns adhering to sound theoretical and analytical methods. We are a value based, team oriented and customer focused institution. We employ a dynamic & disciplined approach towards a variety of investment structures for leveraging subtle anomalies in the markets and assets classes we invest in. The central focus of our group since its inception in 2010, has been the relentless pursuit of potentially attractive investment opportunities, and in some cases, the active creation of new ones across broad spectrum of asset classes. Such opportunities form the basis for the institution's management of assets. We take decisive action to position ourselves at the forefront of financial markets buttressed by a robust risk management strategy. It is our intention to lead by example to help create a quality hedge fund eco-system in India.

Our vision is to emerge as a respected "India Focused Investment house", that will serve as a world class partner for both domestic and global Investors (Institutional and Individual) who wish to invest in 'Indian Capital Markets' and be part of the India growth story. In line with the same, we have set in motion the formation of our 'India forum' that meets periodically to assess Indian Political, Macro-economic, Micro-economic, Industry and Social/Demographic trends to compliment our capital market decision model. We believe this holistic approach to decision making is both our USP and differentiator. The founders have been featured in the inaugural edition of the Forbes India 30 under 30 and in 2014 the fund was featured amongst the top India focused hedge funds by Eurekahedge. Harsh Agarwal was recently invited by the World Economic Forum to be a part of their ‘Global Shapers Community’.


21st Century Corporate and business scenarios are complex, ambiguous, and have competitive situations while people capabilities are the single common denominator. Managers and employees who face day to day challenges of improving productivity ,employee engagement , people development , enhancing performance related to the people, are in need of a way to overcome these situations. Interestingly, the solutions are within the business Eco system itself and need to be identified. Organizations in their pursuit to perform and win at times are at a loss on how to transform and grow. Conventional approaches of advisors, consultants add on to the chaos and leads to more of the same. So, in today's context how can an organization succeed in utilizing its most important resources, assets gainfully for business to grow and thrive. Historically, we have read about Alexander, the great who travelled across the world, at the time when the territories were uncharted, there were no maps, no geographical boundaries, no knowledge of longitude and latitude, turf, terrain etc. In most situations, Alexander did not have the advantage of wise counsel on ground and had to rely upon his own judgment to take decisions on behalf of the troops. He knew that one wrong decision taken could have resulted in dangerous consequences for his army of over a million men. The Methodology - The methodology of Elenchus passed on to Alexander through Aristotle, his guide and mentor enabled him to think beyond the possible, question beyond the known. He won half the world by the age of 32. He relied mostly on the methodology of Elenchus (pronounced ilenchus). Elenchus is an iterative interaction that stimulates critical thinking and out-of-box solutions amidst varying viewpoints in real life operational scenario. It compels us to explore alternative perspectives of a situation, and look beyond the obvious and assumed. This was originally founded and perfected by Socrates, who taught it to Plato and Aristotle before it was finally transferred to Alexander. Socrates, more than any other before or since, was the most erudite practitioner of Elenchus. The power of the concept lied in its practical application as was obvious since it travelled over three era and generation of learning through Socrates, Plato and Aristotle to finally reach Alexander, the great Warrior.

ENVIRONMENT AND LIVELIHOOD (Sustainable Resource Recovery): Full Circle : (

Full Circle was established in 2010 with a mission to support and implement sustainable solutions in the field of solid waste management, ecological sanitation and water conservation. We work towards this goal by directly engaging with various communities at grass-root level by creating awareness and implementing solutions. Full Circle is also committed to ensuring the protection of the livelihood of people involved in such areas, such as rag-pickers, and encourage employment so people can earn decent incomes through such projects. We provide fair and safe conditions of work and guarantee minimum wages.

BRAND TRUST DEVELOPMENT: Konnect Communications : (

Konnect Communications is a global marketing communications agency with a proven track record of developing bespoke, integrated solutions for our clients. From research to strategy to marketing communications and beyond, we work with emerging and established brands to develop and share powerful stories of their people, passion and purpose. We believe that every brand has a great story behind it. We also know that customers konnect to their favourite brands for not what they do but why they do it. We help our clients better share the story about why their brand matters so that they konnect with their customers through the right medium each time, every time.


Since 1998, we've perfected managing events and designing and producing exhibition pavilions around the world. We have been consistently delivering results that surpass our clients expectations, with their minimal participation. Our core services are: 1. Entertainment Programs 2. Exhibitions 3. Product Launches 4. Conferences (Big and Small) 5. Inaugurations 6. Special Events 7. Promotions and the capacity for a range of expertise driven end to end creative interventions. Peace of Mind, Transparency and Trust: It's what you have when you entrust your work to Show Space.

MARKETING COMMUNICATION CREATION: Mot Juste Communication Services Pvt Ltd : (

Mot Juste (French/English for "The precise expression") is a leading communication creation company that operates out of its back-office in India and serves discerning customers across the world in creating their marketing and corporate communication. With over 25 years of experience in this field, we create the a-to-z of communication products, including but not limited to Websites, Brochures, eMailers, Presentations, Manuals, Newsletters, Event collateral, Social media pages, Training material... in short, anything through which you would communicate to your customers, employees, or other stakeholders. Our services include: Content-writing/Editing/QC; Graphic design; HTML, ASP, .NET and other web coding; Website maintenance/updation; eMailer distribution; Social media pages maintenance/updation; Printing; Digital Marketing (Google Ads, Social Media...); and Translation into any international language through partners.