Dharmic Solutions is a new venture and a new concept approach. As our organization grows, we will from time to time seek talented aspirants who find our philosophy and values attractive. Careers options will be available on both a permanent and flexible tenure. Ours is a flat organization. There is no rigid hierarchy and we foster a friendly Learning Oriented Culture. Diversity (Gender, Generation, & Discipline) is central to our team compositions and we do not discriminate on the same. We are a secular organization. If you draw your self esteem from grandiose titles and the extent of your remuneration we are not the place for you. For those young and old for whom making a meaningful difference is a passion, we believe an association with us will be a tremendously rewarding one.

We shall post projects in this site when the requirements arises. Subject to your interest, Please fill in the fields below to enable us to get a sense of your credentials. We do have a rigorous screening process. Please apply only when there is a project posting.
Your resume is not to exceed one page.