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Leadership : An Interpretation

The essence of leadership: The art of rallying together a flock of humanity towards a common endeavor. It reflects our higher quest for purpose, meaning, identity, expression, and dignity in our lives, the realization of which is the liberation of our human spirit from any and all forms of bondage, thus enabling the collective blossoming of the flock.

The ultimate consequence is greater strength, stability, harmony and prosperity that can endure the ravages of time and overcome the weaknesses of fear, insecurity, and everything destructive to our spirits. The attainment of this will lend itself to more universal appeal, and thereby self-selection by a larger sphere of humanity, to constitute a new order of consciousness in a world of decreasing boundaries and increasing interdependence.

The leader merely serves to orchestrate (in an effective manner) the convergence of the diversity of the flock towards the solution of issues that impede the collective evolution of the flock in their unraveling future. It is an act of harnessing the synergy of diverse energies in a single unified direction for the fulfillment of the greater causes. A greater mission still is that of keeping the group integrally united through daunting times, under any or all circumstances.

As in all positive and far-reaching change, addressing the issues is a constructive intellectual war on the prevailing system of beliefs. To that extent the leader herself or himself must be a consummate warrior to catalyze that change.

In the final analysis, there are only two kinds of leaders: those who assume power by the suppression of others, and those who are thrust into power by their ability to make others grow to their fullest. The latter is greater and rarer, but is precisely the nature of all true leadership. – Arjun Balakrishnan

  • “The Trouble with Business Schools is they put Management Before Leadership” – Alfred P Sloan
  • Beyond observable phenomenon is an underlying reality that is determinate and that which defines the natural order of the universe. – Albert Einstein
  • “Leaders do the Right Thing, Managers Do things Right” – Warren Bennis
  • “If an Idea does not survive a spirited debate, it can barely survive the harsh conditions of the market place” – Jack Welch
  • “Never doubt that a handful of thoughtful sensitive people can change the world, in fact, it's the only thing that ever has” – Margaret Mead
  • “ If you don't believe in yourself, why should your Clients ? ” – Elaine Biech Author of the Business of Consulting & Professional Consultant
  • “We Advise, We Provide, We Assist” – Swaminathan
  • “Redemption, Reform, Resurrection” - arjun
  • “There are no Chance Occurrences, Only Divine Interventions” – Old Karmic Saying
  • “Great Power comes with Great Responsibility” – Abraham Lincoln