Established in 15th August, 2014 at Chennai, India, “Dharmic Solutions” is the birth of an enterprise arising from a passion for the creation of true value. Dharmic, seeks to fill a void by seeking to be a powerful enabler to add value to enterprise and to serve as a catalyst to create positive transformations in the environment. The uniqueness of our approach is distinguished by our People, Philosophy, Diversity, Structure and Culture.

Dharmic Solutions, derives her name from the sanskrit term “Dharma”. The law that supports, upholds or maintains the Universal Cosmic Order of the Universe. Dharma has the Sanskrit root -dhri, which means "that without which nothing can stand" or "that which maintains the stability and harmony of the universe. ‘Dharma’ has been central to “Eastern Consciousness” as a path towards “Enlightenment”. Although interpretations vary, we have adopted the definition of “Doing the Right Thing”. It is from this inspiration that we set forth to manifest our mission. (Source: Adapted from a Wikipedia interpretation)


To unleash and orchestrate the power of human endeavor and creativity through wisdom driven philosophies, to meet the synergistic objectives of holistic ‘Enterprise Evolution’ and ‘Societal Development’ in a ‘ Scalable’ and ‘Sustainable’ manner.


To draw on the talents and sensibilities of multi-disciplinary stakeholders, to bring ‘ Thought Leadership, Strategic and Operational Excellence’ towards:

  • The Promotion of ‘Entrepreneurship’ & ‘ Innovative Business Enterprises ‘.
  • Advisory (Intellectual Capital) & Turnkey Project Management Services’
  • Public Policy on matters of ‘ National & International ’ significance on due merit



We believe in providing services that are integral to our sensibilities based on sound research and insights. We will offer services only if we can genuinely determine that we can make a difference. We will not seek to prolong an engagement beyond our capacity to add value. We will seek to nurture learning, chemistry and trust.

System Driven Strategic Approaches:

We believe in looking at solutions from the context of the larger system in which an enterprise exists. We combine a combination of art and science in mapping the Industry, the Stakeholder System and the Organization as applicable, before we approach a problem. It is our observation that providing solutions at a local level without taking into account system interdependencies, results in band aid solutions that are short term in nature and unproductive in the long run. This is a unique approach to tailoring Optimal Sustainable Solutions, from our point of view.

Wisdom and Intellect Driven Approach:

We drive solutions drawing on a combination of experience and academic credentials. Our approach is built on the foundations of ‘Emotional Quotient’ (EQ) and buttressed, where applicable by the logic of Intelligence Quotients (IQ). We work towards unlocking the latent talent and expertise that lies within an organization’s people by facilitating free expression. We believe in an inclusive approach which mitigates resistances and creates greater buy in for lasting transformations. In general, we value the principles of positive proactive development versus the negative spiral of displacement as a pathway to solutions.

Sustainable Wealth Creation:

We believe in the path to Sustainable Wealth Creation lies in serving a Mission and enhancing Stakeholder Value. Mission driven enterprises derive their identity and consequent energy through the purpose they serve. The strategic and tactical challenges are to align all stakeholders towards the mission through interventions in structure and incentives that drive the enterprise. Based on the recognition that every department within an organization serves a unique purpose, we advocate an equilibrium state, where there is a power sharing balance, which maintains a creative tension. A central theme behind our approach is to pursue a path of robust ‘profit driven growth’ in lieu of the more common revenue driven growth.

A Multi-Disciplinary Approach:

We view that the magnificence of human endeavor as one characterized by the unhindered ‘Expression’ and ‘Orchestration’ of multi-disciplinary sensibilities. We consciously strive to provide this diversity and culture to realize this. We believe diversity in project team composition enables us to draw insights from people who have multiple universe views, thereby enabling the ability to look at a problem from a 360 degree angle, which serves to enrich our process and enable the collective blossoming of the flock.

Turnkey Project Management Approach:

We provide comprehensive enabling solution , but treat every engagement as a turnkey project, where we clearly identify base lines and work closely with stakeholders, in a phased manner towards strategic and tactical objectives with interim milestones.