Strategy and Operationalizing Strategy :

At first glance, it may seem like we are one more in an already crowded field, but we stake our claim on the strength of our philosophy and the differentiator she presents. It is our endeavor to draw on collective wisdom to provide worthy solutions to both private and public sector enterprise value creation.

Development :

We view development in India as one of the most important emerging segments. Current paradigms tend to relegate development work as a Government or NGO lead initiative. We see increasing possibilities for private sector participation in multiple fronts to raise developmental work to a whole new level. Our efforts strive to help enterprise and by extension the nation to realize the potential.

India Entry Strategy :

We bring a strong native understanding of India as a nation from both a cultural and economic context. Our objective is to demystify India for our clients and smoothen the process of entry. We believe enterprises are only as good as the caliber of their associations and forge careful stakeholder relationships based on integrity and values. Between, the leadership and collective affiliate capacities, we bring credible know how that can provide end to end services.

Entrepreneurial Enabler :

We see responsible entrepreneurship as one of the major drivers for the creation of value and wealth in Society. Our positioning here is to focus on greenfield, small and medium scale enterprise where our participation can make a meaningful difference to their robust growth. In an eco-system characterized by entrepreneurs, capital providers and innovative ideas, our efforts are to fuse and synergize the elements to help in the blossoming of the enterprise. It is our observation that enterprises in this segment are constrained by their ability to access world class practices and resources. To bridge the same we will serve as an enabler to deliver the following to our clients:

  • Leadership & Management Expertise
  • Capital Source Identification and Facilitation
  • Business Relationship Formulation

Our role is that of an enabler and ‘kingmaker’ in this focus area. We are selective on whom we engage with on this front as we believe the ability for sustained & scaleable value creation is a function of the dual elements of ‘Character’ and ‘Entrepreneurial Spirit’. We believe in making ordinary people do extra-ordinary things.

Industry Development :

Intellectually, we have a strong conviction that the heart of enterprise reform is contingent on the healthy and effective functioning of apex industry bodies, whose policies and dynamics, influence the evolution of a sector. While we provide services at a micro level, it is our commitment to participate at a macro level with Industry organizations to help streamline policies and initiatives that lead to robust and sustainable Industry development. We believe positive and timely intervention can enhance the blossoming of the sector by reducing /obviating the characteristics of muted development that gives rise to unorganized Industry. We believe in the power of collaborations between Industry and academia to accomplish the same.

Training & Development (Workshop Services) :

We undertake training and development initiatives related to our expertise and those we can draw from our alliances. We extend these services both at an academic level and at a corporate level. Modules can be custom made suited to our customer needs. Our method disseminates learning through a combination of stimulating case studies, audio visuals, lectures and interactive engagements.

Public Policy Skunk Works (Think Tank) :

The vision behind this thrust is to create a neutral public policy research and recommendation center based on inclusive participation on due merit. It is meant to serve as a platform to unify the collective consciousness of thought leaders in society to recommend sustainable solutions to matters of ‘National and International’ significance. We will do this by collaborating with other policy centers and through dialogue in seminars, conventions, commentaries on various mediums and other forums as we deem strategically appropriate.

News Letter :

We will bring out a periodic news letter exclusively for our clients to stimulate thought and facilitate continuous learnings drawing on wisdom past and present from thinkers around the world.